The Jewish Vote:

The latest poll shows Jews supporting Obama over McCain by 57% to 30%, with 13% undecided. Back in February, I suggested that McCain started with a base of the 25% that Bush received in 2004, would almost certainly do better because he is a more attractive candidate to Jews, and Obama less so, than were Bush and Kerry, and could go as high as 40%. I think the Palin choice has dampened his chances of doing quite that well (Jews overwhelmingly approve of Biden, but a majority disapprove of Palin), but he's still on track to have the best Republican perfomance among Jewish voters since at least Ronald Reagan in 1980.

UPDATE: As far as methodology goes, the survey relied on self-identified Jews from "the Synovate consumer mail panel." This suggests to me that the poll would underrepresent Russian and especially ultra-Orthodox Jews.