Rabbi Praying for McCain--Oy!:

Rabbi Joshua Maroof of Magen David Sephardic Congregation in Rockville at a kosher fundraising dinner for McCain: "Our Rock and Our Redeemer, we ask you to help the American people make the right choice for their future and to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin as the next president and vice president of the United States." Invoking the Almighty for partisan purposes is, to say the least, unbecoming.

UPDATE: One clarification: I don't think it's problematic for a rabbi, or anyone else, to privately pray that a particular candidate gets elected, or even that their football team wins Sunday's game. I do think it's problematic to do the former publicly, though you can read contrary opinions in the comments below.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Maroof sends a link to the full text of his prayer, which you can find in the comments, but that I can't seem to link to. I think the invocation would have been fine, if Rabbi Maroof had simply closed with asking God to give wisdom to the American people to vote for the right candidate, and then give wisdom to that candidate to lead wisely and justly.