Sunstein on the Posner/Sunstein Publications Arms Race:
The Harvard Law Record has an interview with Cass Sunstein that includes this pretty amusing question: "Are you and Richard Posner locked in a publications arms race?" Cass meets the amusing question with this very funny answer:
Judge Posner and I are good friends. A few years back, Ronald Dworkin wrote an essay attacking the two of us simultaneously and we decide at lunch on Friday that we would co-author a response. I wanted to get the jump on the response, so I worked very hard over the weekend and produced a seventeen-page, single-spaced paper with no footnotes, which I faxed to Judge Posner on Monday morning. That was fast. I got back to my office and on my chair was a fax from Judge Posner which was thirty pages, single-spaced, with complete footnotes. So, publication races he wins.