Crystal Morning:

In honor of those who lost their lives on September 11, here's Evan Maloney's powerful video Crystal Morning (which I posted last year as well).

Wheat Free Terrier (mail):
That phone call is unbelievably difficult to listen to (though I've heard it by now a dozen times).
9.11.2008 6:31pm
Bleepless (mail):
On 9/11, I saw but one victim jump to his death. It was, needless to say, horrifying. How many did you see? Not many, would be my guess. It seems that our owners, the liberals who run the networks, decided together not to show these deaths because they might make Americans angry, something our mini-Goebbelses did not want. This is no paranoiac nonsense: they quite openly admitted it at the time.
9.11.2008 10:05pm
John Burgess (mail) (www):
Bleepless: I disdain the major media as much as anyone, but the lack of pictures of the dead and dying on 9/11 isn't completely their fault.

Americans--and most Westerners--do not want to see the dead, the dying, or body parts. For cultural and religious reasons, we just don't want it. TV coverage on 9/11 showed at least a dozen people falling/jumping to their deaths. Those scenes were removed from later broadcasts. Of that, there is no doubt.

We have two 9/11 images of the dead or dying that have become iconic: 'Falling Man' and a the picture of Father Mychal Judge being carried away from the scene by a group of rescue workers. Of the others, nothing.

This is not solely an American preference. Following suicide bombings in Israel, Israeli authorities keep photographers away from the scene until the dead are removed or at least covered.

This Judeo-Christian trait leaves the West to serious disadvantage when it comes to the information war. Islam does not hold the bodies of the dead in high respect as it tends to see the bodies as the mere husks of the soul that has left them. Consequently, you will see horrific pictures of the dead and the mutilated broadcast and on the pages of newspapers. [You see the same sort of thing in Hindu India, where pictures of disemboweled children are often seen in the papers, btw.]

As you correctly pointed out, images like this enrage the viewer. The presence of the images of the dead on one side of political issues, coupled with the near-total absence of pictures on the other side is unpleasant, unhelpful (to our goals), and unseemly. But the view created not exactly untrue, either. It's unbalanced, but those images are (for the most part) real. This is the fact we have to deal with.
9.12.2008 3:18am