Jazz for Obama:
In addition to getting the overwhelming financial support of law professors, Barack Obama seems to have the jazz musician vote locked up. Fortunately for McCain, the Village isn't in a swing state.
Wayne Jarvis:
But who will carry the hacky-sack vote?
9.10.2008 6:23pm
Sorry to interrupt, but will some one get Frank Lautenberg throwing in the bull pen? Thanks.
9.10.2008 6:28pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
I would think that jazz musicians would vote for whoever is the biggest flip-flopper. After all, they love dissonance.
9.10.2008 6:28pm
The Unbeliever:
Dilan Esper: Maybe McCain will be able to split the vote on the bongo players.
9.10.2008 6:39pm
LM (mail):
Wow, Hank Jones. He's been playing professionally since before John McCain was born. So this isn't exactly his first political gig, e.g., he accompanied Marylin Monroe's "Happy Birthday Mr. President." (He's also played a few decent dates outside of politics.)
9.10.2008 7:46pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):

Obama seems to have the jazz musician vote locked up

Yeah but they all think election day is July 4th.

"Oh wow, man, like, you were serious about it bein' in NoVEMber, man??
9.10.2008 7:51pm
R Gould-Saltman (mail):

Sorry, but this gag is, I believe, supposed to be about Phish fans, and it's taken from The Simpsons.
9.10.2008 8:13pm
Michael Drake (mail) (www):
Obama -- Protecting our right to sing the blues since 2008.
9.10.2008 8:58pm
the gipper:
Funny, I thought they were swing voters.
9.10.2008 9:55pm
Duffy Pratt (mail):
Finally proof that modern jazz doesn't swing.
9.10.2008 10:43pm
jccamp (mail):
Here are the Very Special Guests mentioned on the site...singing a special tribute....

9.11.2008 12:51am
a knight (mail) (www):
Cheer up; at least McCain was able to pick-up the endorsement of Puerto Rican rapper, Daddy Yankee, even if it was on the rebound.

Joking aside; have you seen this? Gil Evans Orchestra with Miles Davis palying Ahmad Jamal's "New Rhumba". Daily Motion kicks YouTube butt on sound quality, and file size.
9.11.2008 11:08am