The Supreme Court's Criminal Docket:
Crime & Consequences has a list of the criminal cases the Supreme Court is hearing this fall. Kent's list reminds me that the Fourth Amendment cases this Term are front-loaded: there will be three in the first two weeks. I have blogged already about one case, the fascinating Herring, and I plan to blog more on Herring and also on Gant.
Dave N (mail):
Nothing about Sarah Palin, John McCain, Barack Obama, or Joe Biden--so zero comments before now.

Seriously, for criminal law/habeas corpus geeks like myself, it sounds like some interesting cases on the 08/09 docket.
9.8.2008 9:20pm
Dave N,

You're a slimeball! Go back to cave you crawled out from!

Oh, wait, sorry -- yeah, you're right. I'm just annoyed I teach Tuesday mornings and will miss both the Herring and Gant arguments. Argh.
9.9.2008 12:15am