Wiki Needed:
Over at Prawfs, Dan Markel points out the need for a wiki on the AALS law-prof hiring process. Interesting idea, I think. If a reader wants to set one up, post the link in the comment thread and we'll make sure word gets out.
Tareeq (www):
Someone may wish to consider google's alternative to wikis, knol. It seems easier to set up and to edit than a wiki, even if, at this point, it doesn't seem as powerful. That said, anyone who can handle blogging software more powerful than blogger can pretty easily handle knol.
9.8.2008 4:53pm
You may want to compare the Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumor Mill, powered by (anonymous) submissions, some of them by the departments themselves.
9.8.2008 5:28pm
Dell Adams:
Prof. Markel seems to have decided to go with a simple comment thread for the time being. It's already attracting contributors.
9.9.2008 3:38am