My Friend Craig Turk,

a young lawyer who has become a TV writer and producer, is writing notes from inside the GOP convention at Slate. (He had been general counsel for the McCain campaign in 2000.) Craig is very smart, and an an engaging writer; I highly recommend his posts.

Michael B (mail):
Re, the Governor of Alaska, this IBD editorial is recommended. Opening graph:

"When Alaska governor Sarah Palin was chosen for the McCain vice presidential ticket, most attention was on her beauty-queen past and down-home North Woods family life. In reality, she's the powerful governor of Alaska, the most pivotal state in the union for energy."

h/t, the redoubtable M.P.
9.3.2008 6:10pm
Fedora guy:
Most attention was on her attempt to abort Trig by taking detours on the way from Exxon lobbyst meeting in Texas to Palmer, Alaska.
9.3.2008 6:56pm
Cornellian (mail):
Dare we call him a young Turk?
9.3.2008 6:59pm