Sarah Palin Photograph Caption Contest:
The photograph in question is here; leave your proposed captions in the comment thread below.
NickM (mail) (www):
Greenland will rise again!

9.1.2008 3:32am
Cro (mail):
9.1.2008 3:34am
9.1.2008 3:39am
astrangerwithcandy (mail):
Governor Palin takes part in an emergency negotiation session at Wasilia High School to convince the Viking contingent to return to the model U.N. event.
9.1.2008 3:42am
Tom Round (mail):
"What is the role of the Republican Governors' Caucus?"

"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"
9.1.2008 3:53am
Charles Collom:
The group looks on patiently as their spokeswoman asks for directions to the nearest English monastery.
9.1.2008 3:56am
Sean Patrick McGuckian (mail):
"And as a evidence of my national security credentials, I have invited here the entire Alaskan National Guard."
9.1.2008 4:03am
Anon Y. Mous:
It must be from the same event, but I like this photo even better.
9.1.2008 4:08am
Cornellian (mail):
Gov. Palin bursts into a rousing rendition of "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam . . . "
9.1.2008 4:08am
Mike& (mail):
That's hot.
9.1.2008 4:09am
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
"Using her signature quip, 'This is what we call cleavage in the Arctic', Governor Palin Gives Speech Commemorating Premier Performance of Alaska State Opera Company"
9.1.2008 4:17am
Wayne (mail):
Let's hear it for that old-time religion!
9.1.2008 4:26am
Chaon (www):
Tom Round wins.
9.1.2008 4:30am
On July 4th, Governor Sarah Palin addresses the Alaskan Republican caucus....
9.1.2008 4:36am
Bill Poser (mail) (www):
Those aren't real Vikings. Real Vikings didn't wear those horned helmets. So the folks who think that that is the Alaska Republican caucus or the National Guard must be right.
9.1.2008 4:55am

Those aren't real Vikings. Real Vikings didn't wear those horned helmets. So the folks who think that that is the Alaska Republican caucus or the National Guard must be right.

You know what? I think you might be right.

For a minute there I thought we were looking at travelers in time from the distant past.

Thanks for clearing that up.
9.1.2008 5:21am
Jim Hu wins.
9.1.2008 5:33am
Ainola (mail):
Governor Sarah Palin is shown speaking to a live audience for Dick Wagner’s Fox News show, "The Election Cycle." The program was broadcast live from the skating rink shared by the triple hamlets of Nibble-Lung, Greater Wasilla, and Upper Valhalla. The facility, financed by a special tax on Erda Caribou hunting licenses, was designed by the Anchorage firm of Fasolt and Fafner.

The Keep Bering Strait Evangelical Choir was also featured on the show. Their program included a new arrangement of Palin's campaign theme song, "Kill the Wabbit" (including the hip-hop "Fire the Trooper" coda)," and was followed by a presentation of an actual rabbit pelt, as seen around the governor's neck. The chorus, pictured in the stands, is composed of Russian immigrants, all of whom are descendants of non-persons condemned by the long-defunct Soviet regime. They traveled to Alaska on foot, leaving Russia via the so-called Nowhere Man Bridge. The choir closed the show with the final chorus from "Obamadämmerung."
9.1.2008 6:07am
Now, this is a legal blog, no? Allow me to stretch the meaning of 'caption' a bit. Ahem:
"Your honor, I must protest the innocence of my children and followers. While it may have looked like an invasion of the Yukon, and I don't dispute that the territorial integrity of Canada was indeed violated, all of this can be explained.
- The garb and weapons were left over from an SCA event.
- Their presence in the Yukon was a result of a bizarre GPS accident, and I blame the aurora borealis.
- The so-called 'sacking' of Whitehorse was really just a joke. They thought they were at my house, and just wanted to demolish this old shed of ours in a rather dramatic fashion.
- The 'mead' was actually Mountain Dew, and we wouldn't condone giving alcohol to minors. Still checking on the reports of a bit of vodka getting into some of the horns.
- Thurgar is really sorry about slaying the dogs with the axe. He just transferred to Alaska from Maryland. You know how it goes."
9.1.2008 6:13am
We are *not* Esk-EE-mos!
9.1.2008 7:36am
"Governor Palin has the horny men behind her"
9.1.2008 7:37am
Oops. Forgot about this one:

"If any of you watching at home have any idea how to get this exciting Icelandic saga going, here's the address to write to . . ."
9.1.2008 7:51am
*Drudge Siren* "Developing: Palin speaks at Aryan rally" *Drudge Siren*
9.1.2008 8:07am
dogone_1 (mail):
This? Oh, this is Joe Biden's scalp.
9.1.2008 8:42am
ak47pundit (www):
Vikings, there's no Vikings here, the villagers were already dead, so they didn't need this gymnasium anyway, that's our story and we're sticking to it....
9.1.2008 8:49am
adam Scales:
"Ready From Day One"
9.1.2008 9:38am
DiverDan (mail):
"Governor Palin, backed up by her volunteer security guard, addresses the Alaska Chapter of PETA"
9.1.2008 9:39am
LM (mail):
"Yes, Stan, we all thought it was very funny that time you got me to look at Senator Stephens supposedly holding up two fingers behind my head. But we have important business to get through today so, no, I won't turn around even if you are telling the truth that 'the whole city council is sitting behind me dressed up like some Hieronymus Bosch painting.'"
9.1.2008 9:58am
Casper the Friendly Guest:
Sarah Palin unveils her plan to increase population density in Alaska, promises that pillaging will be kept to a minimum.
9.1.2008 10:16am
Jonathan Foreigner:
I came, I Thor, I conquered!
9.1.2008 10:22am
m. croche (mail):
"Das ist kein Mann!"
9.1.2008 10:27am
Norman Bates (mail):
Tomorrow belongs to me....
9.1.2008 10:36am
DavidBernsten (mail):
Along with the National Guard, I've subdued the band of Vikings that has been wreaking havoc in Bartow, killed their leaders, and converted them to Christianity.
9.1.2008 10:37am
Anderson (mail):
Governor Palin's foreign-policy credentials include not only Alaska's proximity to Russia, but her successful resolution of the Vinlander invasion.
9.1.2008 10:44am
This one
is far more caption worthy.
9.1.2008 10:54am
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
On we sweep with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the Chesapeake shore


9.1.2008 10:54am
9.1.2008 10:56am
TokyoTom (mail):
"We come from the land of the melting ice and snow ....!"
9.1.2008 11:04am
Sam H (mail):
Governor Palin addressing the Alaskan chapter of NOW.
9.1.2008 11:04am
Jonathan Foreigner:
So remember, boys, just the villages with plowshares.
9.1.2008 11:11am
"And as further proof that my Party is not anti-immigrant, I am pleased to welcome Leif Ericson and his family to America."
9.1.2008 11:22am
metro1 (mail) (www):
"With the support of my Viking hordes, we will crush the snake-king Obamessiah and his pale, windy henchman. They will know fear as they, and all their Committee-wise girly-men, run from our swords."


"Plagiarize this, Joe Biden."
9.1.2008 11:29am
llamasex (mail) (www):
Palin's first Mission for the McCain/Palin ticket bring Ron Paul supporters back into the fold.
9.1.2008 11:42am
metro1 (mail) (www):
“The resuls are in. I received more votes for Mayor than Joe Biden did for President.”
9.1.2008 11:57am
roy (mail):
Governor Palin's experience as Commander in Chief of the Viking Hoardes.
9.1.2008 12:08pm
rarango (mail):
Now I understand that grey wolves are endangered...but damn my neck is warm.
9.1.2008 12:29pm
"Governor Palin securing the Viking LARPer vote."
9.1.2008 12:32pm
Palin - Wotan '16
9.1.2008 1:28pm
Something Wicked:
"Governor Palin announces the DNA results to identify the father of her grand child."
9.1.2008 1:35pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
Governor Palin and the Alaska State Government Stenographic Pool.
9.1.2008 1:59pm
Michael B (mail):
"I'm here tonight to quell any rumors about members of my cabinet not taking their responsibilities seriously. As you can see ..."
9.1.2008 2:02pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
"What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!"
9.1.2008 2:03pm
Charlie (Colorado) (mail):
"And for God's sakes, get it right this time!"
9.1.2008 2:04pm
9.1.2008 2:17pm
KWF (mail):
"Those aren't real Vikings. Real Vikings didn't wear those horned helmets."

They are real Vikings, in disguise.
Real Vikings are tricky.
9.1.2008 2:22pm
"Prepare the longships men, tomorrow we move on the lower 48."

9.1.2008 2:27pm
David Warner:
"The hero observed that swamp-thing from hell,
that tarn-hag, in all her terrible strength,
then heaved his war-sword and swung his arm:
the decorated blade came ringing
and singing on her head. But he soon found
his battle-torch extinguished; the shining blade
refused to bite. It spared her and failed
the man in his need. It had gone through many
hand-to-hand fights, had hewed the armor
and helmets of the doomed, but here at last
the fabulous powers of that heirloom failed."

Heaney's Beowulf
9.1.2008 2:41pm
Sarah Palin, seen here thanking President Bush for re-assigning Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail to her. The detail is seen on the stands behind her in their undercover garb. After the presentation, all went to the shooting range to celebrate.
9.1.2008 2:42pm
"Sound a feasting horn, for I have Snickers bars!"
9.1.2008 2:43pm
So long as no nude photos taken by an old boyfriend up in Penthouse, Palin is OK. (Same for Biden.)
9.1.2008 2:46pm
njones (mail):
The Commander-in-Chief and members of the Alaska National Guard pose for a picture.
9.1.2008 2:50pm
David Warner:
Grendel's Mother, Round II
9.1.2008 3:00pm
pwedza (mail):
"I hereby declare that I will no longer be the only MILF in the family."
9.1.2008 3:13pm
Scote (mail):
"I've hired this team of foreign policy experts to help me with Russia."
9.1.2008 3:16pm
Samir Chopra (mail) (www):
"No, none of these Vikings is the father of my grandchild"
9.1.2008 3:36pm
Samir Chopra (mail) (www):
"OK, fine, its a few days late, but here finally, is the McCain campaign's vetting team, dressed for the occasion"
9.1.2008 3:40pm
Glenn W. Bowen (mail):
Governor Palin explains that, NO, if you donated last Friday, you can't get your money back.
9.1.2008 3:42pm
Sua Tremendita (mail):
Elitist Prigs, tremble in fear for we shall crush thee and drink your steaming blood from the skulls of your children.
9.1.2008 3:44pm
So, you see, that's how you know it's yours, and not your child's.
9.1.2008 3:47pm
Bama 1L:
"What's in your wallet?"
9.1.2008 4:03pm
"SARAH PALIN: Moving Alaska Forward into the 11th Century"
9.1.2008 4:16pm
Melancton Smith:
While I did the 'Immigrant Song' captions, this one wins!

"What's in your wallet?"
9.1.2008 5:17pm
Compare Sarah Palin to Joe Biden. Who would you choose?

[She's smarter, too.]
9.1.2008 6:11pm
Bart (mail):
The Vice President introducing the new McCain Administration negotiating team being sent to Iran.
9.1.2008 6:19pm
guaranteed to frighten wussy law professors?
9.1.2008 6:25pm
loki13 (mail):

You're right. I was looking forward to Biden's silly remarks already. But Palin . . . she's pure comedy gold. The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and all the late night hosts should cut a check straight to the McCain vetting committee.
9.1.2008 6:27pm
Redlands (mail):
All I know is, that better not be real fur around her neck! From now on she must remember to pander in earnest.
9.1.2008 6:38pm
All I know is, that better not be real fur around her neck! From now on she must remember to pander in earnest.
Yeah! She'd better start pandering and playing the game, like Odumbo suddenly deciding that it's good P.R. to start wearing an American Flag lapel pin, and to put his hand over his heart while the National Anthem is being played, and to find another church to attend, and to avoid discussing his pal Rezko... etc., etc.

And etc.
9.1.2008 6:48pm
one of many:
"DKos proves Palin is really a religious fundamentalist with pictures of her officiating at a Wotan service."
9.1.2008 6:48pm
dcbyron (mail) (www):
"With the power of Thor on the North Shore, we can achieve energy independence!"
9.1.2008 6:52pm
Scott in OC:
It ain't over 'til the hot lady sings..."
9.1.2008 8:28pm
For the wackos criticizing Palin for wearing a fur and having some innocent fun, how do you feel being on the same side as this organization?
9.1.2008 8:41pm
loki13 (mail):

The wackos were making jokes. Just wait for the next real thread on Palin; boy, the wackos on both sides will be out then. I expect your finest!

*I can hardly wait*

pure . . . comedy . . . gold. And just three days. We're going to get TWO MONTHS of this craziness. Muahahahahaha!
9.1.2008 8:46pm
"You, you idiots! You are trapped in the last outpost of Antarctic France, and I, I am the polar bear! . . . Visigoth scum! S***-eating wussies!"

(For Mark Helprin fans only.)
9.1.2008 8:54pm
Tom Traina (mail) (www):
"We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow. The hammer of the gods!"
9.1.2008 10:02pm
chsw (mail):
"Lutefisk for everybody!"

9.1.2008 10:31pm
bc (mail):
Yea, "What's in your wallet", it work on so many levels. Genius.
9.1.2008 10:35pm
Assistant Village Idiot (mail) (www):
And the winner of this year's award for Best Pillage is...Thor Hammarskjold!
9.1.2008 11:07pm
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Fans of Civilization II will recall the words of the Military Advisor:

"Give me more soldiers, noble leader, so that they may sheathe their swords in the beating hearts of our enemies!"

Does Palin own a kitten?
9.1.2008 11:09pm

The wackos were making jokes.
FYI, that was a genuine PETA comic book.
9.2.2008 12:48am
All Palins Look Alike (www):
"Another great Viking victory was at the Green Midget Cafe at Bromley. Once again the Viking strategy was the same. They sailed from these fjords here, assembled at Trondheim, and waited for the strong north-easterly winds to blow their oaken galleys to England whence they sailed on May 23rd."
9.2.2008 12:59am
ChrisPer (mail):
"...When it bend in the middle like a one-string fiddle,
He can tell you a tale or two!"
9.2.2008 3:29am
ChrisPer (mail):
"Count 'em and weep, my friends; that was 142 good verses of "The Ballad of Eskimo Nell".
9.2.2008 3:37am
Mark A.R. Kleiman (mail) (www):
"My fellow Vikings ..."
9.2.2008 5:39am
Parents and teachers of the PTA, it is my great honor to introduce to you this year's entertainment at the Wasilla High Prom, True Norsk.
9.2.2008 8:44am
Dan B.:
"When I'm elected Governor of the Vikings, er Alaska, I'll open up ANWR not just for drilling, but also for HUNTING!"
9.2.2008 9:21am
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
"Which one of you is Hagar?"
9.2.2008 9:46am
Max (mail):
Gov. Sarah Palin, flashing the foreign policy experience which made her a Vice Presidential candidate, opens the most important bilateral diplomatic talks to occur in Alaska in a generation.
9.2.2008 11:25am
Christine Hurt (mail) (www):
I know that these accomodations aren't optimal, but I think in time that all of you will realize that the State of Alaska has liberated you from the Yearning for Norseland Ranch where your parents indoctrinated you with dangerous, outdated beliefs and forced you to live without modern food, shelter, clothing and healthcare. We hope you enjoy the McDonald's lunch and your introduction to the Wii this afternoon.
9.2.2008 1:21pm
Andrew Ian Dodge (mail) (www):
Palin campaigns to ensure that elusive Viking battle metal demographic. She was joined on stage by Turisas and Tyr later that night for a rousing finale of medley of Viking drinking songs! She was presented with a broadsword and a full set of armour.
9.2.2008 4:22pm
John M. Perkins (mail):
After I carry McCain's body to Valhalla, I will become the warrior leader in honor of W[otan].
9.2.2008 4:56pm
SC Public Defender:
Tom Round wins. Close second to David Bernsten. Good stuff.
9.2.2008 6:16pm
SMatthewStolte (mail):
"Although proud of her high school basketball state championship, Governor Palin had always regretted not feasting over the dead bodies of the opposing team. Today, all that would change."
9.3.2008 1:35am
Snowdog99 (mail):
"I would like to call to order this meeting of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)."
9.3.2008 10:36am
Segodnya (mail):
Bloody Vikings.
9.3.2008 4:30pm
traveler496: around 3AM the vetting committee chairman, in desparation, proposed the following trial by ordeal: Palin was to speak on the record, backdropped by a group best known for its raping and pillaging, to a high school gymnasium packed with a mixed audience of sober media and drunken Norwegians. If she could emerge with person and reputation intact, the argument ran, she would be candidate enough for them.
9.3.2008 9:58pm
Tom Round (mail):
Thank you, thank you.

I was inspired by learning, via a recent news photo, that an open box in Gov Schwarzenegger's office contains the sword from the movie "Conan The Barbarian".
9.5.2008 12:03am
Ed Flaspoehler (mail):
As Supplied by my friend Greeley in NYC:

"Alaska Governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin (center, in fur) is seen here shmoozing with chorus members following a performance of Götterdämmerung by the Lyric Opera of Wasilla."
9.10.2008 6:06pm