Sunday Song Lyric:
I suppose there's no accounting for the musical taste of seven-year-old girls. for some reason, they can't get enough of Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Fortunately, Ellen's tastes span a broader spectrum. Among her current faves is "It Can't Rain Every Day" off of P.O.D.'s latest album, When Angels & Serpents Dance. It's like a Southtown version of "Tomorrow," and I much prefer it to the Camp Rock soundtrack, especially in the car. The lyrics begin:
This little one tries as hard as she can
Do anything just so she could fit in
She wants a friend so bad she'll do whatever they tell her
To make them smile she would misbehave
But all the while they would laugh in her face
She begins to cry because she thought that they liked her

Even though you feel all alone
It can't rain everyday
It don't rain forever
Your sunshine may be gone but i know
It can't rain everyday
It don't rain forever
The full lyrics are here. There's no video for the song, but here is a slide show and here is an acoustic performance.