Sunday Song Lyric:
Tony Snow died yesterday at 53. He had a varied an impressive career as a journalist, editorialist, speechwriter, talk show host and White House Press Secretary. As anyone who knew tony could attest, he was full of life, optimism and good cheer, devoted to his family, self-effacing and generous.

As Juan Williams notes here, Tony was also a musician, playing in a D.C.-area cover band and even playing with Jethro Tull at one point. So, in Tony's honor, here's a bit from Jethro Tull's "Drive on the Young Side of Life":

When the pressure pains are building
And you're forced to join the crush
In the race to mediocrity
So respectable and plush.

And while the child within is raging
And threatens to break out,
Get off the endless corridor
Make a timely turnabout.

Drive on the young side of life.