Laughter at the Supreme Court:

Funny article from the Weekly Standard.

Dave N (mail):
The best example of humor--and the one most appropriate to this blog:
Mr. White: The Libertarians require you to sign a membership application that they oppose the use of force in the resolution of political disputes.

Chief Justice John Roberts: Libertarians have a lot more rules than the other parties.
7.10.2008 3:10pm
vassil petrov (mail):
Justice Stevens remarks about the case Chief Justice lost was very sweet.
7.10.2008 3:53pm
A nice comment from Stevens. The argument Justice Stevens is referring to had some humorous back-and-forth between Justice Scalia and the future Chief.

QUESTION: It seems to me if you have a statute that specifically provides one means for extending the time period. That is, the Secretary can provide for whatever extension there should be, I would think the principle of inclusio unius est exclusio alterius would say a fortiori -- gee, I'm using a lot of Latin today.


QUESTION: I would think you would say that even more than usual there's obviously no justification in permitting tolling.

MR. ROBERTS: No, I think that would be a non sequitur. The --


7.10.2008 4:07pm