Thanks for the Concern, But:

My wife, children, and I travel to Israel once or twice a year to visit my wife's family. (We couldn't get a flight that suited our schedule this Summer--Israel is enjoying a record tourist season--but plan to go this Winter.) Perhaps not surprisingly, when I tell people where I'm going they often express concern for my safety.

Fear not! In January 2002, in the middle of the Intifada, a writer pointed out that "the risk of road death in the United States is nearly eight times higher than the risk of death from terrorism in Israel." Multiple that figure by about ten to update things. Moreover, the death rate from road accidents is lower in Israel (I assume because the country is more compact and people walk a lot more--the roads are worse, and so are the drivers), and I'm far less likely to be a victim of violent crime in the Tel Aviv area where I spent most of my time in Israel than in the DC area where I live.

So, if you find out that I'm going to Israel, don't worry about me. But are you sure you want to drive up to the Cape this weekend? I hear the roads are very dangerous! And don't pick up any hitchhikers! I hear the U.S. is crawling with serial killers.