People Who Argue that the First Amendment Does Not Protect Symbolic Expression:

I was hoping I might ask our readers for some research help here -- I am looking for (1) authors, columnists, academics, politicians, or especially prominent bloggers, who (2) argue that the First Amendment protects only "speech" and "press" and therefore doesn't protect any symbolic expression, and (3) argue this outside the specific contexts of U.S. flag desecration or nude dancing.

I already have examples (including Judge Robert Bork and Senators Orrin Hatch and Dianne Feinstein) as to flagburning, and can find plenty for nude dancing. I'm looking for (A) people who make this argument as to other forms of symbolic expression, such as wearing armbands, flying other flags, and the like, or (B) people who make this argument broadly, without reference to flagburning as such.

I'm also not looking for disputes as to whether a particular form of conduct (e.g., wearing one's hair a particular way, or refusing to let military recruiters onto one's campus) is sufficiently symbolic to qualify for protection. Rather, I'm looking for arguments that sound like categorical assertions that the First Amendment protects only what is literally "speech" or "press" -- or, perhaps more broadly, that the First Amendment protects only expression in words -- and that it doesn't protect other symbolic expression. Many thanks!