McCain Justice Advisory Committee:
The Hotline has posted a list of members of the McCain campaign's newly-formed Justice Advisory Committee.
Mark Field (mail):
I can't wait for the press to demand that McCain denounce Prof. Volokh for his age of consent posts.

But I look forward to having sources "inside" the campaign.
5.6.2008 7:06pm
Joe Jackson:
This seems like a very good group.
5.6.2008 7:10pm
ithaqua (mail):
I don't see Robert Bork on that list. Hopefully, that means President (God willing) McCain will re-nominate him and rectify that old bit of liberal treason. Perhaps someone who is on that list (hint hint) can put in a good word :)

Seriously, congratulations. With great power comes great responsibility to abuse that power. Enjoy :P
5.6.2008 7:14pm
KeithK (mail):
Two conspirators. Excellent! Here's hoping you get to advise on nominations next year...

How exactly does a committee of 46 function though?
5.6.2008 7:38pm
KeithK (mail):
48 counting Olson and Brownback.
5.6.2008 7:38pm
Jiminy (mail):
Congrats guys, that is excellent!
5.6.2008 8:47pm
Why would McCain pay any attention to this committee, as opposed to Kennedy, Leahy, and Biden?
5.7.2008 12:30am
AndrewK (mail):
Robert George, wow. This IS a list that will quell conservative fears. Maybe they'll put John Finnis on the court haha
5.7.2008 12:41am
Looks like a good group (though it seems like a case of "too many cooks"--perhaps they're broken down by those looking at district, circuit, and S.Ct.). I would chop off Lott and Keating.

I've always been one hoping for Posner to make it, though I guess he's pretty much burned his bridges at this point.

Thanks to GWB, it's very unlikely that the S.Ct. will radically change even if Obama is elected. Ginsburg and Stevens are the two most likely to drop in the next few years and, afaik, both are healthy.
5.7.2008 9:12am
Tim Dowling (mail):
Who on the committee is responsible for extirpating the phrase "strict construction" from McCain's recent speech and related campaign materials on judicial selction? It's been a long time coming.
5.7.2008 10:02am
That appears to be a *hint,hint* AG/USSC short list intended to calm ALL the factions of the Republican party - Christianists, Federalist Society, libertarians and fiscal conservatives. If the professor subcommittee can pull a coup (or just vote all the former legislators, save Phil Gramm, off the island) I'm good with it.
5.7.2008 10:54am