Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Taken Too Far:

I'm a big Red Sox fan and definitely enjoy the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. This case, however, shows that even the best sports rivalries can be taken too far.

UPDATE: More details available here.

byomtov (mail):
I think it definitely goes too far. A friend from NY visiting me in Boston about a week ago was yelled at and cursed ("F**k you!! Yankees suck!! etc.) while driving, because he has NY plates on his car.

Sports rivalries tend to get out of hand sometimes. In this case I think the sports media, ever looking for simple emotional story lines, has exacerbated the problem by beating on it constantly.
5.5.2008 4:36pm
Usually death is not the result, but there are many incidents like this one that should not take place. It's sad to realize that the stadium in Philly had a jail in it.
5.5.2008 4:39pm
Lesson for today: Don't taunt drunk people. More generally, don't taunt anyone, but really really avoid drunk people, especially if they're trying to drive.
5.5.2008 4:41pm
Aeon J. Skoble (mail):
NB please: perp not a New Yorker. As a transplanted New Yorker now living in New England, I have noticed that the rivalry is a bit lopsided: every third car around here has an anti-Yankees bumper sticker, whereas while Yankess fans enjoy the rivalry, I can't recall ever seeing an anti-Sox bumper sticker in NYC. I had always assumed that the lopsided vituperation was due to persistent Yankee World Series wins and the so-called curse, but neither is the case any longer -- the Sox have had great success the last few years, and at the Yankees' expense -- so it must be something else.
5.5.2008 4:44pm
AngelSong (mail):
As I recall, back in the fall, there was an incident where a Texas fan walked into an Oklahoma bar wearing burnt orange and "walked" back out minus his testicles. Some might think getting run over by a car would be preferred...
5.5.2008 4:58pm
Taney71, Philly is not unique. "Holding cells" are common enough in stadiums.
5.5.2008 5:03pm
GMUSL '07 Alum (mail):
Triangle_Man, you're right and you're wrong. Holding cells are common, it's true, but The Vet had a full-fledged jail with a judge on-hand on Sundays. The Feables' new stadium lacks that safety features, but features the same drunken, boorish, violent fans. It must be something in the "wudder".
5.5.2008 5:10pm
Colin S (mail):
Sigh....sadly, that is my hometown. I'm real "proud" right now.
5.5.2008 5:11pm

Article about the OU-Texas incident here.

Of course the OU fan was simply trying to explain the the Longhorn what makes a Longhorn steer a steer.
5.5.2008 5:30pm
Nothing worse than Yankees' fans, except maybe Red Sox fans.
5.5.2008 5:37pm
Syd (mail):
I knew the Yankees were Satan's team, but I never extended that to the fans.
5.5.2008 6:22pm
theobromophile (www):
I thought that the chants of "Yankees suck" was a bit odd, especially when it would happen during games in which the Yankees were not playing, fireworks, or other events not related to The Baseball Team of Satan.

The Yankees won't win another World Series for about 100 years. It's the "Curse of the Drunken Redneck Yankees Fan."
5.5.2008 6:35pm
The masses of stupid people and their sports... I could never completely understand the emotional investment people make in sports teams. This isn't any less pathetic than it would be if confrontation was over pro wrestling rather than sports.
5.5.2008 6:57pm
egn (mail):

riangle_Man, you're right and you're wrong. Holding cells are common, it's true, but The Vet had a full-fledged jail with a judge on-hand on Sundays

The best part is that the "Eagles judge" is now on the PA Supreme Court.

5.5.2008 7:14pm
KeithK (mail):
Aeon, I really think the long term Yankee success is the driver for the anti-Yankee fervor in New England. For generations Red Sox fans had to deal with their team always failing at the end while the Yankees racked up the championships. That creates an emotional toll, which was transmitted to newer fans as part of the fan culture.

Yes, the Sox have won recently. But it takes a while for ingrained tendencies like this to wash out of the culture. It's so solidly established that Bostonians are likely to slip back into the victim mentality as soon as the Yankees win another World Series.

BTW - I am a Yankee fan.
5.5.2008 7:35pm
Alex Blackwell (mail):
This reminds me of the TV show Homicide: Life on the Street, Season Six, Episode Two (1997) where Detectives Munch and Kellerman investigate the murder of a rabid New York Yankees fan at Baltimore's Camden Yards.

Munch: "We should check the Maryland Annotated Code. I'm not sure this is a crime in Baltimore."
5.5.2008 9:05pm
Lewis Maskell (mail):
It's good to know that beneath the veneer, America has its problems with fan violence as well and it is not just a British phenomenon.

Mind you, that myth will persist.
5.5.2008 11:17pm
Alex--the Orioles have fans?
5.6.2008 5:29am
Gary McGath (www):
That happened about two miles from my house, in an area where I frequently go. It's scary and disgusting.

There's a jerk who parks near where I work who has a bumper sticker reading "I don't brake for Yankees fans." The two of them should be invited to a Chicken Death Match.
5.6.2008 8:49am
David Chesler (mail) (www):
Fan rivalry does get ugly, but I think Flydiveski has it right that this particular incident is about drunk people more than sports rivalries. Drunks sometimes kill each other over things like who used up the milk -- that's not characterized as a milk rivalry.

(I've worn my Yankees hat into Fenway [before I went native] and I got teased by a little old lady, but I didn't think I was in danger. Same period [early 80s] fights would regularly break out at Shea Stadium between Mets fans, over other slights. They might have broken out at Yankee Stadium too, but stoned people aren't as prone to violence as drunk people.)
5.6.2008 12:33pm
Alex Blackwell (mail):
Alex--the Orioles have fans?

That reminds me of the following exchange from 12 Angry Men:

Juror #6 (Jack Warden): You a Yankee fan?
Juror #5 (Jack Klugman): No, Baltimore.
Juror #6 (Jack Warden): Baltimore? That's like being hit in the head with a crow bar once a day.
5.6.2008 3:40pm
David Chesler (mail) (www):
Today's Boston Herald: Galpal: Baseball not cause of beef

The heartbroken girlfriend of a Red Sox fan killed when a Yankees zealot allegedly mowed him down with her car says her dead beau had not been arguing about baseball with the driver, contrary to media reports.


Beaudoin's devastated girlfriend Donna Dionne, 29, told the Herald yesterday, "Matt was sticking up for a friend who had been punched by this woman. It had nothing to do with a big baseball rivalry. These stories are wrong."


Dionne said her boyfriend tried breaking up the fight, but when Hernandez got into her 1997 Dodge Intrepid and he saw a Yankees sticker in the back, he and friends jokingly chanted "Yankees suck!"

"He was just mocking her," said Dionne, of Hudson, N.H.

Although by the standards used to label something a hate crime, this would be a sports rivalry crime.
5.7.2008 3:14pm