Sunday Song Lyric:
Is there anything Marc Dann can do to save his career at this point? What about a really good apology? Perhaps. There are some really good apology songs out there, but none of the ones I could think of seem to fit the situation. Here's one anyway -- a song by a great band I haven't listened to in a while: Husker Du's "I Apologize."
All these crazy mixed up lies
Floating all around
Making these assumptions brings me down
And you get tight-lipped, how do I know what you think?

Is it something I said when I lost my mind?
Temper too quick, makes me blind

I apologize...
Said I'm sorry, now it's your turn,
Can you look me in the eyes and apologize?
The full lyrics are here.

I doubt this song would work for Dann. Is there another that would give him a better chance?

Jim Anderson (www):
How about a little paraphrased Eminem?
I'm sorry mama
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant make you cry
But tonight, I'm cleaning out my office
5.4.2008 10:59pm
Here's another Husker Du song apropos to the mess: "Makes No Sense At All."
5.4.2008 10:59pm
Case 1L (mail):
I think OneRepublic might be somewhat more appropriate here

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
5.4.2008 11:10pm
Rock On (www):
Husker Du were a fantastic band. "Celebrated Summer" remains one of my favorite punk rock songs ever.
5.4.2008 11:27pm
Dave Hardy (mail) (www):
Forget the songs. The only way to save face now is to quickly hire an illegal alien, leak it to the media, and announce he is resigning because he/she (in the context, preferrably he) has been discovered. This at least beats resigning because of massive amounts of sexual harrassment or sex in the workplace.

The only alternative is to run for national office, where this manner of thing is regarded as a perk rather than a tort.
5.5.2008 12:04am
I'm thinking of that old Loudon Wainwright favorite..."Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road."
5.5.2008 12:09am
Joanna (mail) (www):
To answer your question as to whether Dann can save his career - please, I can think of several politicians who have committed worse sexual offenses and have gone on to legislate another day. Maybe he should throw caution to the wind, sing a few bars of Rock You Like A Hurricane, and tell the voters to deal with it =)

I find the whole thing amusing b/c I remember Dann from his senate days when I worked around the Ohio General Assembly. Definitely would not have been my first pick had I to guess which state senator would be involved in a peccadillo. It's always the ones you never guess...
5.5.2008 12:24am
Realist Liberal:
Dang, Case 1L beat me to exactly what I was thinking.
5.5.2008 1:32am
What about that one by Shaggy a few years ago--"It Wasn't Me" or something like that?
5.5.2008 1:25pm
Cold Warrior:
Rock On,

A fine choice. New Day Rising as a whole, in fact.
5.5.2008 7:11pm