Split Infinitives:

Here's what happens when you're enslaved by the myth that split infinitives are impermissible, discussed in detail by Geoffrey Pullum (Language Log):

The recent gift of a staggering $100,000,000 by a single person to Harvard University -- the largest gift from an alumnus in Harvard’s history -- has just been announced, in prose that suggests no matter how much money they may raise, the development and public relations staff at Harvard are afflicted by ancient irrational terrors:

David Rockefeller, a member of the Harvard College Class of 1936 and longtime University benefactor, has pledged $100 million to increase dramatically learning opportunities for Harvard undergraduates through international experiences and participation in the arts.

"To increase dramatically learning opportunities"? Feh. Read the post for more on the "unreasoning fear" of "a normal and fully grammatical construction of Standard English that is acknowledged as grammatical in even the most conservative reference works."