Pro-Economic-Freedom Legal Writing Awards for Students and Professors:

The Pacific Legal Foundation offers three new ones, one for students, one for untenured professors, and one for tenured professors, each at $5000. If you're interested in writing on the subject, or have already written a draft on it, check out the PLF's information page. Submissions (or, for tenured professors, proposals) are due July 1.

Paul Milligan (mail) (www):
Gene, it's 1:43 in the morning. Stop blogging and go to bed :-)
5.1.2008 2:50am
Paul, it's only 10:43 where Eugene is.
5.1.2008 2:52am
Eugene Volokh (www):
Orin and Paul, what's your excuse?
5.1.2008 2:55am
Just a night owl, I guess. Paul?
5.1.2008 2:59am
theobromophile (www):
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when I saw that time stamp. Get some sleep, people!
5.1.2008 4:14am
Paul Milligan (mail) (www):
Ummm...... my dog ate my answer.
5.1.2008 4:21am
Perhaps since I'm taking the summer off I'll actually get off my butt and write something.
5.1.2008 8:26am
ithaqua (mail):
You guys are familiar with my literary style. Think I could win? :)
5.1.2008 10:53am
theobromophile (www):
Define "student." If you refuse to leave law school once you've graduated, due to an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome, does that count?
5.1.2008 12:37pm