Hmm, I Wonder Why This Show Never Went Anywhere:
Over at Greedy Clerks, AWC wonders whatever happened to "Supreme Courtships," a planned TV show on Fox described as "a look at the personal and professional lives of six Supreme Court clerks." It seems that a pilot of the show was made but never shown. Why not?

  Thanks to the power of the Volokh Conspiracy, I've been able to get my hands on a top-secret synopsis of the pilot show:
Sally finishes her cert pool memos, recommending all "DENY" as usual. At lunch a heated debate breaks out in the law clerk dining room over who should win American Idol. Joe then tackles the briefs in an ERISA case for several hours before the Justice calls and wants to know the name of a tax case he wrote for the Second Circuit back in the late 90s. Then it's on to planning the Thursday law clerk happy hour -- barbeque this time. But will it be as good as the JPS clerks' happy hour last month? And what if it rains?
This is obviously pretty exciting stuff, so I assume it wasn't the plot line that kept the show from airing.