Decision of the Day Calls It One:
Legal geeks around the blogosphere will be saddened to learn that the outstanding Decision of the Day blog has closed up shop. I still don't know who "Bob Loblaw" is, but his work was a real service to readers: beyond doing the work of finding new cases, the blog was informed, well-written, and substantive. Bob, thanks again for all your time.
Just Saying:
As I commented there, he'll be badly missed. My favorite part of his site was the "bench slap" category, which focused on sanctions and frivolous litigation. Is there a blog out there focusing on those subjects?
4.30.2008 1:15pm
"Bob Loblaw" is a pseudonym based on a fictitious lawyer played by Scott Baio in the late, great Arrested Development. Say it out loud and you'll get the joke....
4.30.2008 1:40pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
That man was a mouthful.
4.30.2008 2:14pm
The Bob Loblaw Law Blog... may it rest in peace.
4.30.2008 2:35pm
andy (mail) (www):
Sad. Hopefully someone else will take over. Perhaps the Law Professor Blog Network will find someone. The "DecisionOfTheDayProf Blog" has a nice ring.
4.30.2008 2:51pm
Steve P. (mail):
I really hope the blogger reconsiders his decision to hang it up. I loved Decision of the Day.
4.30.2008 2:53pm
andy (mail) (www):
This really is the worst Decision of the Day.
4.30.2008 4:55pm
Michael Barclay (mail):
Does anyone know of a similar blog that does the same thing, that is, post federal appellate cases of interest?
4.30.2008 10:19pm