Fred Thompson with Sean Hannity:

I, like some others around here, was a member of Fred Thompson's legal policy team before he dropped out of the Presidential race. Here's an interview between Sen. Thompson and Sean Hannity.

To me, perhaps the most interesting comment is Fred's rejection of the idea that he would like to be VP. His rationale is intriguing--running for such an office is such an awful experience that the only position worth going through that sort of unpleasantness is to be President. Being VP--"flying off to attend state funerals" is how he says it--just isn't worth it to go through the process. The effort is worth it only if you actually get to do something. He suggests that such a position may be worthwhile for someone with more ambition than he has.

I also like his frank observation that most of the things that Presidential elections are about are things that the President can't do anything about anyway.

As an admitted Fred fan, the interview reminds me of why I liked him in the first place. And why he simply may have been too normal of a person to be President--or VP either, apparently.