Chocolate As A Computer Security Threat:
Michael Froomkin has the scoop.
Nathan_M (mail):
So four times more woman than men gave a fake password in exchange for chocolate. I guess that conclusively proves women are smarter than us.
4.18.2008 3:10pm
How do you know the passwords were correct?

Do you know anyone who gives accurate information to marketers who ask for sensitive, possibly personally identifying information?
4.18.2008 3:26pm
HipposGoBerserk (mail):
Where can I get free stuff for telling someone what my "password" is?
4.18.2008 3:34pm
Elliot Reed (mail):
What kind of chocolate was it? If it's Hershey's milk chocolate, that's a no. But if it's the good stuff it's a different matter entirely.
4.18.2008 4:01pm
ras (mail):
My password is "thanks, sucker." Where do I get my chocolate bar?
4.18.2008 4:38pm
theobromophile (www):
I would have definitely made something up in order to get the chocolate - screw my school's honour system!

Remember, this is in England, so it's probably really, really good chocolate.

Were they even required to disclose their usernames? Or did they think this was just a random survey to determine if people chose difficult, complicated passwords? Heck, if they didn't even have to provide usernames, I want to know what's wrong with the men who turned down the chocolate. That's like saying, "Trick or treat! Actually, no thank you, please keep your candy for yourself."
4.18.2008 4:54pm
theobromophile: Remember, this is in England, so it's probably really, really good chocolate.
Cadbury is so wonderful?
theobromophile: screw my school's honour system!
That's not the way we have been writing it since we gained our independence.

What really surprises me, theobromophile, is that you have said nothing about the difference in responses according to gender and its profound implications?
4.18.2008 10:33pm