The Day the Internet Stood Still:
This South Park clip is pretty hilarious. Best line: "Don't you get it?!?! There's no Internet to find out why there's no Internet!!!"
I think Drudge only posted this because it mentions the Drudge Report.
4.18.2008 4:02am
It was indeed another funny episode. Turning the family's search for internet into the Grapes of Wrath was an inspired move.

This season has been pretty much all home runs, from a social satire perspective. The episode on drug (cat pee) prohibition (mildly NSFW) should be a real crowd-pleaser for the libertarian readers around here.
4.18.2008 4:16am
John Cole posted this on his site a few weeks ago:

To Comcast Mgmt:

Every time my internet goes out, which is something that is happening more and more often, and I call your 1-800-COMCAST helpline and select that I am having trouble with my internet and am then told by the automated voice to seek help at if I do not want to hold for an operator, I die a little on the inside.

Please make that stop.
4.18.2008 8:44am
Nick P.:

I can relate. A couple of weeks ago, I dropped my cell phone, and it broke. When I received the replacement, the instructions for activating it with my old phone number required the use of Verizon's website. Furthermore, the instructions said that I should register for an ID and password if I didn't already have one. I dutifully registered and got a notice saying that my temporary password had been sent as a text message to my phone...which I needed to activate before I could view the message. Perhaps I could have read the message on the website, but for that I'd need the temporary password.
4.18.2008 2:56pm