Two More Publications from Recent Graduates in Top 20 Journal:

Apropos my post on this from yesterday, my sister-in-law Hanah Volokh, who was the chief articles editor on the Georgetown Law Journal this past year, reports that during that year the journal accepted for publication William Baude, The Judgment Power, 96 Geo. L.J. (forthcoming August 2008), and Joseph Blocher, School Naming Rights and the First Amendment's Perfect Storm, 96 Geo. L.J. 1 (2008).

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Not sure who Joseph Blocher is, but apparently if you're a Supreme Court clerk, the top-20 journals will consider your article.

(admittedly, there's an independent correlation between writing well and being selected to be a Supreme Court clerk...)
4.17.2008 8:17pm
Hanah Volokh (mail) (www):
We accepted the Baude article months before he was hired for the Supreme Court. So it must be an independent correlation!
4.17.2008 8:18pm
Sean M:
Don't be so modest, Hanah. Since this is the Internet and we're dealing with lawyers (two groups not good with math or statistics), we can call it causation!
4.17.2008 8:40pm
Blocher's also got an article out in the current issue of the Duke Law Journal - Institutions in the Marketplace of Ideas, 57 Duke L.J. 821 (2008), - and one forthcoming in the Minnesota Law Review.

Hanah, it looks like you're a good luck charm at the very least!
4.17.2008 11:07pm
I reviewed two of Blocher's articles as a Law Review editor this past year. Simply amazing writing and scholarship, and the guy had no real publication experience when we reviewed the pieces. We made offers on both pieces we saw, and we're publishing one of them. Anyone who wants to see a roadmap for how to go from little or no publication experience to three articles published in one year in the Minnesota, Georgetown, and Duke journals: definitely check out this guy's work.
4.18.2008 2:03pm