Dartblog Takes the Cake (and $10K):

Today the America's Future Foundation announced that Joe Malchow, founder of Dartblog, won AFF's $10,000 College Blogger contest. The runners up were the Oregon Commentator and Surveillance State. I was one of the judges for the contest, and it was a pleasure. I learned there are many good college bloggers out there, and these three blogs are all quite outstanding.

[Note: Typo Fixed. My apologies to Mr. Malchow.]

Powerline Jr. gets another $10,000 to support it in acting out as many of the bad habits set out in Orwell's "Politics and the English Language" as it possibly can.

Did you consider recusing?
4.14.2008 9:21pm
Orielbean (mail):
Every time I read that orwell essay, I tear up a little. I aspire to write with that clarity.
4.14.2008 11:41pm
It's Joe Malchow, not Joel Palchow.
4.15.2008 2:49am
Eric Lindheim (mail):
What Dart05 said, but to which I would add "you dumbass."
4.15.2008 12:08pm
Eric Lindheim (mail):
It's JOE Malchow, not JOEL Malchow. Dumbass.
4.15.2008 10:01pm
Eric Lindheim (mail):
You got both of the dude's names right, and it only took you three tries. Color me impressed.
4.16.2008 1:33am