Slate Launches "Convictions" Law Blog:
Today has launched a law blog, Convictions. It's a group blog with a terrific set of people:
Ben Wittes, David Barron, Deb Pearlstein, Adam White, Dawn Johnson, Doug Kmiec, Diane Amann, Nancy Gertner, Jack Balkin, Kenji Yoshino, Marty Lederman, Orin Kerr, Patrick Keefe, Eric Posner, Richard Ford, Tim Wu, Viet Dinh, Walter Dellinger, Dahlia Lithwick, Emily Bazelon, Phil Carter, and David Feige
A number of the bloggers in the group already blog elsewhere, myself included; my understanding is that we'll all continue to blog at our home blogs in addition to the Slate blog, at least for now. In the meantime, check it out.