Appropriate Attire When Governors Apologize For Sex Scandals:
As Adam Kolber has discovered, there seems to be a uniform for this sort of thing.
Ex-Fed (mail) (www):
Brooks Brothers doesn't carry sackcloth and ashes.
3.12.2008 6:44pm
Cold Warrior:
Spitzer's stripes go NW to SE, signifying "straight, willing to pay." McGreevey's are NE to SW, signifying "gay, will offer you a job for it."
3.12.2008 7:28pm
Posted on wonkette the day before... See here

Maybe he noticed it independently, otherwise credit where it's due, Kolber!
3.12.2008 7:35pm
Adam Kolber (mail) (www):
Stunned: I hadn't seen the Wonkette post until just now. (Incidentally, though, I think the photos on Prawfs do a better job of making the comparison.)
3.12.2008 8:53pm
MDJD2B (mail):
Actually, the stripes going one way are "Made in USA." Going the other way it's "Made in Europe."

When Brooks Brothers began marketing rep ties in the US, they reversed the direction from the standard English way.
3.12.2008 10:21pm
Rodger Lodger (mail):
It's not the uniform that's troubling, it's the stereotypical statements that are made. When will somebody say "I got caught so I feel bad, otherwise I was having a ball, sorry to drag everybody through the mess, I don't care if I'm forgiven or not--that's meaningless, redemption is b.s., life is short, s--t happens, everybody back in the pool."
3.12.2008 11:29pm
Somedude (mail):
I second Rodger's thinking.
3.13.2008 12:38am
EIDE_Interface (mail):
Let the feeding frenzy begin!
3.13.2008 1:41am
Gaius Marius:
If I was Elliott Spitzer and I knew that my political career was over, I would have worn a New York Yankees Jersey with a No. 9 on it.
3.13.2008 10:26am
ak47pundit (www):
The real uniform is the stalwart wife by your side at the moment of truth: See Clinton, Bill; Kilpatrick, Kwame; and Spitzer, Elliot
3.13.2008 10:36am
Gaius Marius:
At least a politician's wife is good for something.
3.13.2008 12:28pm
Daniel San:
What kind of person would ask his wife to be there to take the humiliation with him? I would have far more respect for someone who stood alone. They all seem to drag their wives through it with them.
3.13.2008 12:54pm
New World Dan (www):

Please reference former Gov. Ventura of Minnesota and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Simultaneously one of the best and worst governors in state history.
3.13.2008 1:01pm
An eagle-eyed Wonkette reader pointed out that both men have a flag pin on their lapel. Guess Obama's not in that club.
3.13.2008 2:58pm