Virtual Tour of the U.S. Supreme Court Building:
You can take it here. Lots of cool stuff, including the super-secret Justices' conference room, what it looks like from the courtroom lectern for advocates, and four of the Justices' chambers.
Anderson (mail):
including the super-secret Justices' conference room

And the SCOTUScave? The SCOTUSmobile?
3.11.2008 1:53pm
Duffy Pratt (mail):
Good info for the terrorists.
3.11.2008 4:33pm
Bill N:
Are those the actual "super-duper secret" conference rooms (the East and West Ceremonial Conference Rooms)? I was at a reception about 6 years ago at the Court, and I'm almost certain I was in the East Conference room. I clearly remember the portrait of Taney looming eerily over the room, although I thought it was in a different corner. I'm sure most readers of this blog know the building a zillion times better than I do, though. Are these THE conference rooms, or just beautiful and rather awe inspiring reception rooms? I can't imagine they let mere mortals into THE ROOM.
3.11.2008 4:33pm
Am I the only one who doesn't like the word "SCOTUS"?

* The super-secret Justices' conference room is also known as the Kennedy chambers.

Among the things they don't show you on the tour:

* Justice Thomas is actually an active questioner at oral argument, but he communicates telepathically with the argument counsel when they're sitting down. When you watch an argument and think that someone's just done a brilliant job... oh, no, the real argument's about to start as soon as that person returns to his/her seat. 2 hours of telepathic communication tires him out, though, so he spends the afternoons of argument days in a secret hyperbaric chamber that doesn't show up on the video tour.

* Ted Kennedy died 5 years ago, and the guy doing his work is actually Justice Breyer in a fat suit and some makeup. The exaggerated accent is to hide his identity. When the Court isn't in session, he walks across the street to the Capitol and legislates. The Kennedy suit isn't shown in the tour.

Oh, no... someone's coming...
3.11.2008 4:38pm
Bill N,

The East and West Conference rooms are used for receptions and the like. The super-secret room is the Justices' Conference room, inside the Chief Justice's chambers, which is where the Justices meet alone in conference to vote on pending cases.
3.11.2008 4:48pm
WHOI Jacket:
But do they include the basketball court?

That was specifically mentioned on the tour I took.
3.11.2008 5:05pm
TruePath (mail) (www):
I loved the picture of Scalia and Ginsburg on an elephant in Ginsburg's chambers.

Why were they in india though?
3.11.2008 5:18pm
Bill N:
Thanks, Orin. Oddly enough, I went looking for the judges' conference room under, of all places,"Conference Rooms and Library." I didn't know it was in the Chief's chambers.

And by the way, what happened to Sunday jazz blogging?!? Any nudge toward procrastination on Sundays is greatly appreciated!
3.11.2008 6:22pm
They were in India for a Judicial related trip in 1994, my guess is they were meeting members of the Supreme Court of India.

Oyez needs to get picture of Justice Scalia's chambers, according Jan Crawford Greenburg in her book he has a giant buck named "Leroy" mounted there, that would be neat to see.
3.11.2008 6:33pm
Randy R. (mail):
Ginsberg gets my vote for ugliest office furniture.
I guess it should come as no surprise that they are all furnished very very traditionally. Where's the Eames' chaises?
3.12.2008 1:42am