The Double-Proxy Wedding:

Apparently you can get married in Montana without showing up.

UPDATE: I see Eugene beat me to it. Ah, the perils of blogging on the road. FWIW, I was pointed to the story by a Montanan whose nuptials are pending . . . though he swears he plans to attend his own wedding. I've yet to meet the bride-to-be, so I can't be sure she'll be there too.

Skyler (mail) (www):
I don't know about double proxies, but I got married using a proxy in Texas. I was in 29 Palms, CA getting ready to go to Iraq, and my bride was in Austin.
3.11.2008 11:07am
Anonymouseducator (mail) (www):
3.11.2008 11:20am
Hmm. Proxy funerals, anyone?
3.11.2008 11:31am
Caspar the Friendly Guest:
Colorado doesn't require an officiant or witnesses for a marriage. All the state requires is that the two people who wish to marry sign the marriage license.
3.11.2008 11:55am
Doug Sundseth (mail):
Colorado, being a common-law-marriage state, requires even less than that, see this page from the Colorado Attorney General's office.
3.11.2008 1:04pm