Stuff White People Like:

Very funny. Thanks to Steve Kurtz for the pointer.

Mike& (mail):
I've been a regular reader of that blog for a long time. As a white person, I need to say this to let you know that I was hip first.
2.28.2008 2:23pm
Scott Scheule (mail) (www):
That's a little immature, Mike.

Also, I was reading it before you.
2.28.2008 2:38pm
glangston (mail):
2.28.2008 2:49pm
A little grumpy, aren't we? Sounds like Mike and Scott both need some coffee and an expensive sandwich.

I think you could just substitute "yuppies" or "bobos" for "white people," but then it probably wouldn't be as funny.
2.28.2008 2:49pm
Anonymouseducator (mail) (www):
Bottled water is so silly!
2.28.2008 2:49pm
As a half white person, I only enjoy it about half as much as Mike&and Scott, but I enjoy it nonetheless.
2.28.2008 3:03pm
Professor Volokh,
You are truly somethin else! Love reading VC.
2.28.2008 3:11pm
kevin r:
definitely more of a "stuff yuppies like", but funny in that context.
2.28.2008 3:12pm
MDJD2B (mail):
I resent being stereotyped.
2.28.2008 3:15pm
Ex-Fed (mail) (www):
It has flashes of real wit, but I think it's seriously overhyped.

I was trying to decide whether (1) the person seriously thinks that affluent hipster urban tastes are representative of "white tastes", (2) knows that they are not representative, but that's part of the humor, (3) he means to comment on or generate discussion about the acceptability of stereotyping or racial humor, or (4) some combination thereof, or some further layer of irony. Then I realized I wasn't quite interested enough to figure it out. But it reminded me of this Simpsons bit:

Teen1: Oh, here comes that cannonball guy. He's cool.
Teen2: Are you being sarcastic, dude?
Teen1: I don't even know anymore.
2.28.2008 3:23pm
Justin (mail):
The political posts are stupid (apparently, the poster thinks that white people vote Democratic and minorities vote Republican), but the nonpolitical ones are good. Sort of like South Park.
2.28.2008 3:23pm
JosephSlater (mail):
Teen1: Oh, here comes that cannonball guy. He's cool.
Teen2: Are you being sarcastic, dude?
Teen1: I don't even know anymore.

A great bit, which reminds me of another great line from that episode (not on point or anything): "Depressing teenagers is like shooting fish in a barrel."
2.28.2008 3:27pm
The political posts are stupid (apparently, the poster thinks that white people vote Democratic and minorities vote Republican), but the nonpolitical ones are good. Sort of like South Park.
The universe is ~13 billion years old. For the first time in the history of the universe, I agree with Justin 100%.

And for those who need to show we're up to speed re: minorities, here's a site for that.
2.28.2008 3:32pm
Bob from Ohio (mail):
Ex-Fed sums up my view.

My first impression when I saw this a few weeks ago was "White Yuppies in NYC" maybe.
2.28.2008 4:05pm
Justin writes: The political posts are stupid

Are they stupid, or are they a little too close to home?

E.g. "knowing what's best for poor people"


Both hilarious, both largely true, both sure to annoy a lot of liberal folks.

I'll admit, though, that the Barack Obama one isn't one of the high points.
2.28.2008 4:22pm
I thought that it was clear that part of the humor is that it was somewhat unrepresentative, and in most cases, completely unrepresentative of mainstream interests. Listing something quite popular, like NASCAR, is not particularly amusing, in part because the type of people who read the blog are unlikely to be particularly big fans (and are probably likely to look down on the "unwashed" who enjoy such pleasures). It's more amusing for things like Arrested Development-- a huge hit among a tiny subset of the population, but the subset most likely to be reading this blog. (After all, the blog just got written up in the NY Times and discussed on NPR.)

Apparently, it's not that clear to some.

In all, I think it's a funny blog enjoying its trillion nanoseconds of fame.
2.28.2008 4:56pm
Dave N (mail):
At first, I thought the site should accurately be entitled "Stuff Liberal White People Like" and while that is mostly true, I also saw foibles that defy left-right labels--particularly #56.
2.28.2008 5:09pm
Justin, the site only mentions Republicans twice - once in saying that white people "feel guilty and sad that...poor Republican instead of Democrat", and the other in explaining, "White people hate a lot of stuff (white people who vote republican....)"
You seem to be equating 'poor people' and 'minorities', which of course isn't true, though perhaps revealing. Anyway, the poster who thought you were right for the first time in 13 billion years will have to wait a little longer.
2.28.2008 10:33pm
one of many:
having gone through the site and the listing of all the stuff white people are supposed to like, I am left with only one possible conclusion, I am not white. Nor are a large number of my friends who think they are white actually white.

I was off to a good start I thought with coffee as my morning prayer runs "Coffee is great, Coffee is good, thank you Coffee for being my God". But white folks need Starbucks and those mocho-latta-frappes while all I need is a gas station that has a pot made this week. It goes downhill from there, by the time we reach multi-lingual children I'm at 7 for 78.

I wonder how to tell my parents (one possibly white and one non-white) about this.
2.29.2008 2:32am
Justin (mail):
Well, I was being charitable to the website - the assumption that he made is that white people know whats good for other people. If white people knew what was good for white people, that wasn't particularly funny for a whole host of reasons.

Either way, poor people are no more a subset of Republicans anymore than minorities are.
2.29.2008 9:40am
George Smith (mail):
I think its really "Stuff That Upper Middle Class Urban Liberal White People LIke." The upper middle class Midwestern white suburbanites among whom I live are too busy working, attending soccer games and building pinewood derby cars for such foolishness.l
2.29.2008 10:13am
Danielle (mail):
I think this is characteristic #1 about most white i.e. that you are self-absorbed and read way too much into everything. Stop splitting hairs about how "different" you are. To most people of color, you are so predictable. That is why the blog is so funny and rings so true. Of course, the blog focuses primarily on the interests of yuppie urben dwellers, but the preoccupation with other cultures, asian women, study abroad, black friends, etc. have infected a whole lot of white folks. Do you want to be different? Stop analyzing the blog!! Just laugh, ackowledge that white culture and privilege exists and let it go. Let go of all the pompous self-importance. It's so white.
3.1.2008 10:35am
George Smith (mail):
I think you have more "issues" than I do. Didn't say I wasn't laughing at it; thought it was hilarious, in fact. I'm sure there are lots of folks just like the ones lampooned in the blog. I think they are a hoot. There just aren't many of 'em around these here parts. We laugh at them as much as you evidently disdain them.
3.3.2008 11:58am