"Hamas Children TV Bunny ... Threatens to Kill Danes over Muhammad Cartoons":

This is on Al-Aqsa TV, which is run by Hamas, the governing party in the Palestinian Authority territories. Here's a photo of the bunny and Saraa Barhoum, the child host of the show:

Here's the transcript, from MEMRI:

Saraa: "How did these Danes have the audacity to affront the Messenger of Allah? Do you have an answer to that, Assud?"

Assud: "No, I don't. Maybe because the Arabs and Muslims keep silent, [the Danes] humiliated them and did these things to them."

Saraa: "That's one reason, but there is an even more important reason, Assud."

Assud: "I have no idea."

Saraa: "It's because the West has seen that we've moved away from the religion of Allah, and from the Sunna of our Prophet Muhammad. They have also seen that we have forsaken the religion of Allah, and therefore, they could affront the Prophet, because... We have done nothing to redeem the Prophet Muhammad. But I say to them: You haven't seen anything yet. Allah willing, the soldiers of the 'Pioneers of Tomorrow' will redeem the Prophet Muhammad with all that they possess, and even with their blood, Assud. They will not allow them to do this again."

Assud: "If they do it again, Saraa, we will kill them, right?"

Saraa: "Allah willing."

Assud: "I will bite them and eat them up."

Saraa: "Yes." ...

Saraa: "What do you have to say to the cartoonist who started all this, and affronted the Prophet by drawing him?"

Assud: "He's a criminal..."

Saraa: "Yes, a criminal."

Tasnim, by phone: "I say to him, and to all of them, that no matter how much they try to hide him, we will manage to kill him, to assassinate him."

Assud: "Allah willing." ...

MEMRI links to the video; if you can identify any problems with the translation, please e-mail me about them. [UPDATE: Thanks to reader bonhomme for the screen shot that shows the bunny and the child host.]

Thanks to Lou Offen for the pointer.

UPDATE: Sean O'Hara wins, with extra credit for the religious reference: "Where's the Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch when you really need it?"