"Unacceptable" that Islam and Muslims Are "Represented ... as the Enemies of Freedom of Speech":

From a press release at the Organization of the Islamic Conference site:

He [the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu] also found it unacceptable that Islam as a religion and Muslims as a whole were represented, through this campaign of hatred of the Danish media, as the enemies of freedom of speech.

After all, "the Muslims have no problem with the freedom of speech as a fundamental human right, but [are] only expecting a minimum level of respect and responsibility in the exercise of this right."

Well, here's my thinking: If you think that it's unacceptable that people are representing your ideological system as an enemy of free speech, then don't argue that it should be a crime to publish cartoons that criticize your Prophet, or for that matter that it should be a crime to publish any "advocacy of ... religious hatred that constitute[s] incitement to ... hostility ...." Calls for such censorship (even when coupled, as in the statement, with denunciations of private violence) themselves lead to eminently justified hostility towards the religious view that promotes the censorship.