Draw This Cartoon and Be Chased Out of Your Homes:

Kurt Westergaard is a Dane who drew this cartoon (one of the famous twelve cartoons):

Now, Der Spiegel reports:

[Westergaard] was booted from his police-protected hotel room on Feb. 15 for being "too much of a security risk." ... Westergaard was forced to leave his actual residence in November after the Danish security and intelligence agency, PET, informed him of a "concrete" plan to murder him, according to the paper that originally published the cartoons, Jyllands-Posten. Westergaard and his wife have been living under police protection since.

PET had been gathering information about the plot for several months, leading to a Feb. 12 raid carried out in the western Danish city of Aarhus. Five suspects — "people with a Muslim background," with both Danish and foreign citizenship — were taken into custody. The Associated Press quoted PET as stating that the raids were intended "to prevent a terror-related murder ... [and to do so] at an early phase to stop the planning."

The article goes on to quote a Danish Muslim leader who is speaking out against any violence, and I'm glad to hear that. Unfortunately for Westergaard, that might not be enough.

Si, is this going to replace the pirate, or the turtle? And do I win a scholarship?
2.25.2008 3:31pm
Brooks Lyman (mail):
Islam needs a reformation - badly!
2.25.2008 3:34pm
Passing By:
Who says the security ended because he was "too much of a security risk"? Westergaard?

If you look past that unattributed claim, it otherwise appears that his security ended on Feb. 15 because of a successful police raid, arresting those plotting against him, on Feb. 12.
2.25.2008 4:06pm
donaldk2 (mail):
Only a civilization that would be willing to regress 100 years or so can survive this. For instance, the murderer of the filmmaker vanGogh should have been summarily lynched.
Fire with fire, and no joke.
2.25.2008 4:06pm
actually speaking out against violence or saying you should not "wink wink" kill this infidel despite his grave insult to the Prophet? I don't see the quote in the paper as a particularly forceful statement about anything. it more closely resembles the usual mealy mouthed dissembling typical of the spokesperson du jour.
2.25.2008 4:23pm
Duffy Pratt (mail):
Wouldn't the republication of this blasphemy here put Prof. Volokh on the hit list?
2.25.2008 4:39pm
Vermando (mail) (www):
Is it possible to check out what 'passing by' said? If he was evicted from his hotel room because the danger is past, it is an entirely different story than if he was kicked out because he was too much of a security risk.
2.25.2008 5:43pm
Can you imagine the furor when it is pointed out that Allah could never have anointed a prophet who had sex with a 9 year old girl?
2.25.2008 6:13pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
I couldn't find any online sources on this besides Der Spiegel; but as best I can tell, Der Spiegel is a relatively reliable source, and they do expressly say the cartoonist "was booted from his police-protected hotel room on Feb. 15 for being 'too much of a security risk.'" So I'd of course be glad to have more confirmation of this, but so far I have no reason to doubt the Der Spiegel account.
2.25.2008 7:11pm
Richard Aubrey (mail):
If he were safe, he'd leave on his own. The question of being booted wouldn't arise.
Unfortunately, since Ayan Hirsi Ali's Dutch neighbors got her booted for the same reason, it's not hard to see it happening here.
2.25.2008 9:53pm
Patrick McKenzie (mail):
Islam needs a reformation - badly!

Islam got a reformation, courtesy of Wahhabism. That is the root of the problem. What would really help is a Pope. See Jonah Goldberg, whose thesis I am shamelessly stealing:

Islam Needs a Pope
2.25.2008 10:00pm
I think the Islamic demonstrators that are being depicted as anti-Mohamed cartoons are being misunderstood, after all they liked the 12 cartoons that were actually published so much they created 3 more of their own.
2.25.2008 10:29pm
Brooks Lyman (mail):
"that Allah could never have anointed a prophet who had sex with a 9 year old girl?"

Why not? I had the impression that that sort of thing was common and traditional in Arabia of the 7th century.

As for Islam needing a Pope, I would say, along with Goldberg, that they need a "Catholic Church." They had a "Pope" - the Caliph; that didn't solve the problems.

I would say that the Wahhabi "Reformation" is more of a reaction, an attempt to return to what Wahhab thought Islam was like back in the 7th Century - not a "Reformation" a la Luther, which was really something totally new. So yes, if it's Luther we're thinking of, then you're right, we don't need an Islamic reformation. I meant the term in a more general sense of reform, at least of the Saudi disease and those infected by it.
2.26.2008 1:06am
Truth Seeker:
Good to see that Eugene is brave enough to reprint the cartoon. So many major news outlets were too afraid of violence.
2.26.2008 12:07pm