Paul Mahoney Named New UVA Dean:

Congratulations to Paul Mahoney who has just been named the new Dean of UVA Law School (my alma mater). A great choice for UVA. Good luck to Paul and congratulations to UVA for a wise choice.

Also as a UVA alum I'd like to express my gratitude John Jeffries for his leadership and stewardship of the law school over the past several years.

Libertarian1 (mail):
Why do you think he is a great choice? Law and Economics from the University of Chicago? Apparently he is a great fund raiser but my guess is that is not why you support him. Are his politics from the Thurgood Marshall school?
2.25.2008 2:03pm
F. Reede (mail) (www):
I can't speak for Prof. Zywicki, but as a current Virginia student I can tell you that Prof. Mahoney is a great choice because he's extraordinarily competent and absolutely brilliant. I know as much about his politics as I know about Dean Jeffries' politics, which is to say none at all.
2.25.2008 2:44pm
Cato (mail):
I have a grudge against UVA. At the time I was applying to Law School, noone had ever gotten in there from my university. Accordingly, I view them as effete. Is professor Mahoney?
2.25.2008 3:07pm
cardinalfang (mail):
I guess I'm just an old 'Hoo coot, but it makes me crazy when people capitalize the "A." It's "UVa." I was too damn stupid to get into UVa Law, but I did get a degree in Elizabethan literature from the College of Arts and Sciences.
2.25.2008 3:17pm
U.Va. 2L:
It's funny that I heard the news here first.
2.25.2008 3:28pm
I guess I am even more of an "old 'Hoo coot" for it drives me somewhat crazy when anyone says "UVa." It's always been "Virginia" for me.

But I must agree with cardinalfang: if you have to write it out, the "a" is lower case. (See the Virginia football helmet in '82.)

From what I hear, Prof. Mahoney is an excellent choice.
2.25.2008 4:13pm
Tennessean (mail):
For what little it is worth, even the University does not appear to keep straight what it goes by. From
* UVa
* U.Va.

At some point while enrolled there, I remember seeing a sheet setting forth the official logo. I can't find it now, but the by far most prevalent form they use is U.Va. Whatever happened to 'the U of V'? Oh I think, I'll have another drink...

To be on topic: Mahoney taught one of the best classes I took while in Charlottesville. (And I saw that only in small part because of the grade I got.)
2.25.2008 4:33pm
Kovarsky (mail):
let's ask the really important question:

did he not cover his heart during the pledge?
2.25.2008 4:37pm
LTEC (mail) (www):
What are the new Dean's opinions about the UVa speech codes? (If you don't know, how can you have any respect for him whatsoever?)
2.25.2008 5:12pm
F. Reede (mail) (www):
I can't respect him if I don't know his opinions on a specific issue? What an odd way of viewing the world. I used to respect Mr. Rogers, but I have no idea how he felt about the Vietnam war, so I guess I can't have any respect for him whatsoever.
2.25.2008 5:40pm
Steve Bainbridge (mail) (www):
At least in my day (1980-1985), people were a lot less picky about the abbreviation issue than the campus versus Grounds question. You really had to get the latter right.
2.25.2008 8:04pm
Jon Rowe (mail) (www):
I'd like to thank John Jeffries for giving a great bar review lecture on Constitutional Law in '99.
2.25.2008 9:14pm
Vain Clerk:
Yes, great thanks are due former Dean Jeffries for his service. He is by far the most impressive lecturer I have ever seen; I had him for Criminal Law in 2004.

Good luck to Dean Mahoney!
2.26.2008 10:43am