Web design bleg:

I manage website A with MS Frontpage 2003. On one of the pages on site A, I would like to include the most-recent contents of an RSS feed from site B (which is a Typepad weblog). How do I accomplish this?

John Mayer (mail) (www):
this should do the trick...

2.18.2008 7:37pm
John Mayer (mail) (www):
That didn't work too well, trying to post a url in a comment here ...


... put the two above lines together.
2.18.2008 7:38pm
AnonymousLibraryStudent (mail):
The cheap-and-easy way to do it is to use an outside service such as BuzzBoost from FeedBurner. Fill out the form at the link, copy the code they give you into your page, and voila! There are lots of similar services out there, some free, some for pay. Google "RSS to HTML"—it will bring up a couple pages' worth of such services.

[DK: Wonderful! Many thanks. I have the feeling that MS Frontpage is falling further and further behind what's needed for Web 2.0, but this is a great little fix. I did try the tool in the previous comment, but it seems to just display a link to the feed, rather than the feed's contents.]
2.18.2008 7:38pm
DNL (mail):
or be lazy, and toss the rss feed into a widget ( can do it) and publish it as flash, then embed the flash.
2.18.2008 8:31pm
Visitor Again:
What is a good replacement for Front Page for those who run websites but are not (and do not wish to take the trouble to become) website construction wizzes? In other words, what's the best replacement for those who are technically deficient?
2.18.2008 9:27pm
Fellow Conspirator:
One of many possibilities: a Google "gadget" found here.

Just copy and paste one line of HTML into your web page.

A disadvantage is that the maximum number of headlines is nine.
2.18.2008 9:53pm
bornyesterday (mail) (www):
Visitor Again - sadly, most of the web-design software that I'm aware of is lacking in it's ability to produce some of the more useful 'Web 2.0' site functionality. There are many websites out there, however, that allow widgetization of various functionality.

If you don't want to/are unable to pass off management of the site to someone else, you can often find free pre-designed layouts for sites available for the taking.
2.18.2008 10:32pm
Anonymous Coward II (mail):

"What is a good replacement for Front Page for those who run websites?"

The official successor to FrontPage 2003 is called Microsoft Expression Web (website). It opens FrontPage sites and lets you continue working on them, but it creates standards-conforming code that can be hosted anywhere. You can upgrade from any version of FrontPage for $89. It seems to work well to move even large and complex FrontPage sites into the current age. BuzzBoost is a good tool to use with Expression Web.
2.18.2008 11:00pm
Visitor Again:
Comments and suggestions on my query re replacement for Front Page are much appreciated. Many thanks.
2.19.2008 8:49am
Ubertrout (mail):
If your server supports ASP scripts (a very fair assumption if you're using Frontpage to manage it) you can use ASP to display the feed. Here's an example script.
2.19.2008 12:16pm
kimsch (mail) (www):
The newest version of Frontpage is Microsoft Expression Web. It works similarly and doesn't require re-education.
2.19.2008 7:13pm