The Faculty Lounge:
It's been a while since a new general-interest law prof group blog was launched, but here's a promising one to check out: The Faculty Lounge. Its bloggers are Dan Filler, Laura Appleman, Al Brophy, Kathleen Bergin, Kevin Noble Maillard, and Calvin Massey.
Truth Seeker:
Okay Orin, I'll admit it. Sometimes you do post something that't not anti-Bush or anti-Republican.
2.11.2008 10:14am
In other news, former notable general-interest law blog retooled as clearinghouse for Second Amendment debate.

I joke, of course.
2.11.2008 2:41pm
skeptical about this one (mail):
That's great! A bunch of law profs talking with each other! What could be funner than that?
2.11.2008 4:23pm