Upcoming Talks:
I have updated the times of my talk on "Constitutional Cliches: Does Trite Make Right?". My talk today at the University of Cincinnati is at 4:30pm. On Thursday of this week, I am speaking at Loyola of New Orleans at 12:30pm and at Tulane at 4:00pm.

Future speaking dates are:

Saturday, February 23: Students For Liberty Conference (NYC)

Wednesday, March 12: Constitutional Cliches, University of Arizona

Thursday, March 13: Curing the Drug Law Addiction: The Harmful Side Effects of Prohibition, UCJC Conference: Drugs, Addiction, Therapy, and Crime, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Friday, March 14: Constitutional Cliches, Las Vegas Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter

Friday, April 4: Constitutional Cliches, Vanderbilt, Nashville

Saturday, April 5: The Golden Mean Between Dan and Kurt: A Moderate Reading of the Ninth Amendment, Drake Law School conference on The Forgotten Constitutional Amendments, Des Moines.

Monday, April 7: Constitutional Cliches, University of Virginia, Charlottesville

Wednesday, April 16: Constitutional Cliches, University of Pennsylvania & Widender University (Delaware).

Friday, April 18: Constitutional Cliches, University of Connecticut

UPDATE: Bad link to Drake Symposium fixed.

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