Sunday Song Lyric:
Bernard Seigal, better known as Buddy Blue, had a brief but bright recording career before his untimely death in 2006. Among other groups, Buddy Blue recorded with the alt-rock/country band, the Beat Farmers, a cult favorite.

One song Beat Farmer fans particularly like, and which has fun lyrics to boot, is "Gun Sale at the Church." Here's a taste:

Well let's pack up the kids
and take a break, get away
leave the hustle and bustle
of living from day to day
and I know that the crime
in the city is getting worse
So I'm going on down to
the gun sale at the church . . .

Well we'll ask the lord to
forgive us for all our sins
and we'll look at the latest in
gold plated firing pins.
The rest of the lyrics are available here, and here is a live performance.

[H/t: Andrew Morriss.]