Guidelineism and Guidelinitis:

Neologisms (or are they just nonce words?) spotted in Judge Merritt's dissent in United States v. Sexton. Both refer to excessive judicial deference to the now-advisory federal Sentencing Guidelines. Soon to come: "guidelinocracy."

Thanks to How Appealing for the pointer.

1.11.2008 7:07pm
pgepps (www):
I think you need clearer guidelines to prevent guidelineophobia from preventing guidelinarians from guidelining us into a nuanced and guideline-embracing review of the current guidelines on guideline-challenged Americans.
1.12.2008 12:32am
Wondering Willy:
I think they are nonce words, and effective ones at that.
1.12.2008 9:40am
The Conductor:
We seem to need some guidelimits on these neologisms.
1.14.2008 1:50pm