NH Exit Polls:

CNN has fascinating exit polls from New Hampshire.

One example: who would have thought when the election season began that Ron Paul would most appeal to [male, no surprise for a libertarian candidate] liberal independent under-30s who aren't religious, don't go to church, favor civil unions, think abortion should be legal [Paul favored the "Defense of Marriage Act," and has introduced various anti-abortion bills into Congress, including one stating that life begins at conception], and think the economy, not Iraq, is the most important issue (and who, oddly enough, want the next president to be "more conservative")? And that despite New Hampshire's reputation as a haven for crusty old Yankee libertarians, Paul would be eight times more popular among 18-24s than among over-65s?

Among the Democrats, it's amazing how evenly match Clinton and Obama are along just about every margin--in particular, liberals, moderates, and conservatives all basically split their votes--except that (1) women overwhelmingly favored Clinton, men Obama; and (2) Obama crushed Clinton among 18-24s.