Happy New Year:
On behalf of all of us here at the VC, I just wanted to wish all our readers a happy and safe new year. Thanks for reading! See you in 2008.
LM (mail):
Back at you.
12.31.2007 2:58pm
Stu Rees (mail) (www):
New Year's Cartoon Thanks for your insightful posts this year-- I follow them for cartoon ideas.
12.31.2007 3:12pm
Harvey Mosley (mail):
Happy New Year to all and thanks to the Conspirators for making the law a little more understandable to all of us IANAL types.
12.31.2007 4:01pm
Pin Head (mail):
C Новым Годом
12.31.2007 5:21pm
Thanks for posting.
12.31.2007 5:30pm
Eric Muller (www):
Likewise, Orin! Happy and healthy.
12.31.2007 7:54pm
Luke G. (mail):
Feliz Ano Novo.
12.31.2007 9:05pm
John (mail):
It's been a great year reading with the Conspiracy. Many thanks to you, Orin, and your fellow conspirators. And Happy New Year to all of you and to all the regulars and occasional visitors in the comments.

12.31.2007 10:36pm
Why are you privileging the Gregorian new Year?
1.1.2008 6:37am
byomtov (mail):
Happy New Year to all, and thanks to the VC for posting lots of interesting material.
1.1.2008 11:48am
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2008!
1.1.2008 4:23pm