Ellington and Coltrane Behind the Scenes:
No, this isn't a blog post about the classic album Duke Ellington & John Coltrane. Rather, it's a post providing links to two short clips: a 6-minute audio interview of John Coltrane from 1960 in which he discusses his music, and a 5-minute clip from 1937 about the making of a Duke Ellington record. The Coltrane interview is particularly fascinating; it was conducted soon after Giant Steps and just before Coltrane formed his quartet with McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones.
i can see for Miles (www):
The extensive care with which those original recordings were pressed...makes you think that music really meant something.

Would you say you're trying to play everything you hear at one time?
No. there are some set…harmonic devices that I know, that will take me out of the ordinary paths…But I haven't played them enough and I'm not familiar with them enough to take the one single line through them, so I play all of them. Trying to acclimate my ear so I can hear.

The best musicians can teach the talking heads a lot about the art and importance of listening.
12.9.2007 11:35pm
i can see for Miles (www):
and I don't mean Mr. Byrne &Co.
They're hearing things no one else does, I think.
12.9.2007 11:37pm
Cold Warrior:
I like the middle ground approach to copyright considerations -- link to the youtube clip, but don't "embed" it in the post.

How long before some copyright absolutist gets all worked up about this one?
12.10.2007 10:45am