Poetry About Law:

If you share my interest in this, and know Russian, check out Yuliy Kim's The Lawyer's Waltz, which I just heard a week ago and much liked. It was written about lawyers who defended Russian dissidents, but setting aside one detail, it can equally well work about defense lawyers generally -- whether as praise, or just as reflection of their perspective even if one doesn't share it. If anyone has a pointer to an online sound file for the song, please pass it along; hearing this is better than just reading it. Likewise if anyone has a pointer to a good translation, though of course like all metered and rhymed poetry, this would be very hard to translate.

Incidentally, I've long been surprised by how little good poetry there is about law -- real poetry (whether serious or not), and not just doggerel. The only material I've found so far in English is Auden's Law Like Love, Auden's The Hidden Law, and Kipling's Law of the Jungle. If you have more suggestions, please post them in the comments.