Schumer & Feinstein to Support Mukasey:

Whether or not the Bush Administration is making bad arguments in defense of Judge Mukasey's nomination, it now looks likely he will be confirmed as the next U.S. Attorney General. The Washington Post is reporting that Senators Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein will vote in favor of his confirmation.

There is just no way Schumer could vote against Mukasey, ever. Even if he ate a kitten.
11.2.2007 9:00pm
EH (mail):
I want to ask DiFi how she thinks George Moscone would have voted.
11.2.2007 11:49pm
Jon L.:
Three cheers for principles!
11.3.2007 2:43am
Lonetown (mail):
Principles or internal polling?
11.3.2007 8:39am
Stephen C. Carlson (www):
Looks like Bush took Shumer's advice and now has his consent.
11.3.2007 10:11am
Public_Defender (mail):

There is just no way Schumer could vote against Mukasey, ever. Even if he ate a kitten.

You must have missed Mukasey's statement on kitten eating:

I personally find that eating a kitten would be disgusting, but I cannot condemn the practice because I have not been briefed on whether our CIA agents in the field have eaten kittens in reliance on legal advice from OLC.

I also do not want to pre-judge the question of whether eating kittens violates any specific US law. But if confirmed, I pledge to fully enforce any applicable US laws that might permit or prohibit the eating of kittens.
11.3.2007 8:28pm
Left shoe:
Well done, Public_Defender.

There had been some talk about getting a primary opponent for Feinstein in California. This will hopefully improve the chances of that happening.
11.4.2007 12:09am
NickM (mail) (www):
2 responses to Public_Defender:

Several dozen U.S. Senators: "Are you saying there's something wrong with eating a . . . [aide whispers in Senator's ear] wait, you said a kitten? K-I-T-T-E-N? Never mind, then."

LGF commenters: "Kitten. The other white meat."

11.4.2007 3:35am
Mary Katherine Day-Petrano (mail):
Maybe Feinstein and Shumer changed their votes after the Prez. suggested they be waterboarded ... LOL
11.4.2007 3:08pm