2007 Weblog Awards:

I'm pleased to say that we're among the ten finalists in the Best Law Blog category for the 2007 Weblog Awards; the awards are currently being voted on.

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Private Defender:
While i certainly think the Conspiracy is more than deserving, I find it hard to take the competition seriously if Doug Berman's blog is not nominated.
11.2.2007 4:18pm
Alex Blackwell (mail):
I'll second that, Private Defender. Of course, I voted for VC but I agree that not having Berman's blog on the list is ludicrous.
11.2.2007 4:53pm
I've done my duty. Oh, and note that you can vote every 24 hours.
11.2.2007 6:18pm
samuil (mail):
I contributed my vote, Evgeniy.
Not that this award means anything to me. Your blog is the best with or without that award.
11.2.2007 7:00pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Thanks! P.D. and Alex Blackwell: I entirely agree that Berman's blog is excellent, and has had unparalleled influence among judges and scholars (with many more cites among both than we've had, or that any one other blog has had).
11.2.2007 7:31pm
Dave N (mail):
I voted for the VC as well and also bemoan the fact that Sentencing Law and Policy is not included.

As of approximately 8:20 EDT, the VC is way out in front with 48% of the vote. SCOTUS Blog is a very distant second at 9.5%.

On a related note, why isn't Professor Berman's blog linked off of this one?
11.2.2007 9:25pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
Dave N: Because I'm a dope. Just added it.
11.2.2007 10:28pm
MLS (www):
I also voted for VC.

On an unrelated subject, what happened to Hanah's postings?
11.4.2007 8:21pm