Asaf Romirowsky and Academic Freedom on This Blog:

A reader mentioned to me that Asaf Romirowsky, whose disinvitation I condemned earlier this week, is also the author of a column that I condemned on academic freedom grounds earlier this year. I don't see much of a logical connection between the two, but the reader suggested that I note this, and I thought others might be interested in the link as well.

Of course arguing that Israel shouldn't exist as a within the scope of academic freedom, both the freedom to engage in academic discussion...Eugene Volokh, 2/16/07

This panel was not to debate whether or not Israel should or should not exist as a state (and judging from what someone quoted of Professor Khan, it seems he does not call for the destruction of the state of Israel), but is it unlikely that something very similar would happen if Israel was the topic for discussion? Then would Romirowsky be disinvited whenever someone else invited to serve on a panel for that purpose objected to the presence on the panel of an Israeli who had served in that country's military?

At the moment I can't pull up Romirowsky's piece, but it was relevant to the subject of ""activism" on the part of the professoriate.
11.1.2007 3:29pm