Scooby Doo and Blogging:

I haven't blogged anything substantive and substantial (as opposed to quick links to others' work, or other very short items) since the 12th -- work and my wonderful but time-consuming little boys have left me with no time to spare. In any case, after I mentioned this to my colleague Joe Doherty as an explanation for why I haven't blogged about a fascinating issue he'd mentioned to me (the Phoenix New Times address publication / grand jury secrecy breach controversy, which is smack up my crime-facilitating speech alley), he responded:

That sounds like a Scooby Doo excuse: "I would have blogged about it if it weren't for those pesky kids."


Sid (mail) (www):
Rob Lowe was the guest host on SNL. The sketch was a parody of Court TV. The villians filed suit against Scooby and the gang for meddling. Shaggy (Rob Lowe did a stunningly good voice) argued that the penalty for dressing up as a fake ghost was too light. Scooby was advocating the "refth renalty" for fake ghosts.

10.23.2007 3:38pm
B. Williams (mail):
1 roll of duct tape and one chair, per kid, will give dad plenty of time for blogging.
10.23.2007 3:59pm
WHOI Jacket:
So the VC was Old Man Smithers after all?
10.23.2007 5:27pm
Windypundit (www):
A little bourbon every night after dinner should give you plenty of time for blogging. Just remember to adjust the amount for each kid's weight.
10.23.2007 6:00pm
Bill Dyer (mail) (www):
Blogging may be too new a phenomenon still, but I doubt that many blogger/parents have said, on their proverbial deathbeds, "Damn, I wish I'd spent less time with my kids as they were growing up and more time on my blog."
10.23.2007 11:38pm
Marilyn Terrell (mail) (www):
Well if this mom in Montana can catch Internet jihadists while she gets her kids ready for school, I don't think yours is a very convincing excuse:
10.23.2007 11:55pm