Bobby Hutcherson Quartet Plays "Little B's Poem":
I once mentioned the greatness of the jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson on this site, and now there's a clip on YouTube that does Hutcherson justice: Hutcherson leading a terrific quartet playing his classic tune "Little B's Poem." I believe the performance was recorded in Japan at the 1989 Mount Fuji Jazz Festival.

  In this recording, Hutcherson is joined by three very familiar players that Miles Davis had first brought together in 1963: Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass, and the late-great Tony Williams on drums. Hutcherson had played with each of them many times before, including on a number of '60s era Blue Notes. The tune is one of Hutcherson's best known compositions; it was named after his son Barry ("Little B"). Hutcherson explains in the liner notes to his 1965 Components album that the melodic line reminded him of how Barry had played as a toddler.

  Here's the clip:
  Some listeners may find Hutcherson's playing to be too fast; at first it may sound like a blizzard of notes that are simply too densely packed to put together. I recommend listening a few more times; after a while your brain will catch up to Hutcherson's speed and you'll begin to see it. Of course, actual mileage may vary.