Still More Cool Non-Law Blogs:

I admit that most of the blogs I visit regularly are law or policy-related. But, like Eugene and David, there are some others I like to check out.

I love movies, so there are a decent number of movie-oriented sites I like to visit. One is the film blog Libertas, "a forum for conservative thought on film," created by my college friend Jason Apuzzo, founder of the Liberty Film Festival. I don't know if Ain't It Cool News actually qualifies as a blog, but it's a site I religiously for links to the latest movie trailers, news, and rumors about movies underway. It publishes lots of junk, but it's also the best place for trailer links, on-the-set video footage, and rumors about certain types of movies.

I suspect most VC readers are familiar with Wonkette, the D.C. political gossip blog. If you find that site fun, you might like some of Gawker Media's other sites. Two I check out (and actually prefer to Wonkette since Ana Marie Cox and David Lat left), are Idolator (music) and Deadspin (sports).

As a Philadelphia native, I would be remiss if I did not mention some Philly team sports blogs. The best Philadelphia Eagles blogs, for instance, are Iggles Blog and Bleeding Green Nation. Hockey season is underway, and I have high hopes for the Flyers, so I'll be visiting Flyers Fan Central regularly too.

Good choices all, but still no mention of Cute Overload?
10.6.2007 2:37pm
If you like sports blogs, I highly recommend Fire Joe Morgan ( The site basically makes fun of bad sports writers and broadcasters, particularly those, like Joe Morgan, who know nothing about the "non-traditional" ways of looking at baseball players (ala Money Ball). The writing is fantastic. My only complaint is that they don't post enough. My favorite post this last week was this one.
10.6.2007 2:39pm

Cool Tools is my favorite non-law website. It's been around for 5 years and they post about everything from the new google 411 to efficient lunch boxes to water-proof pens and all sorts of gadgets. Very useful website.
10.6.2007 3:03pm
A couple of my favorite oddball sites are Retro Thing, a blog of vintage computers and electronic equipment, old video games, and other tech stuff from past decades, and The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society, a blog of scientific oddities of history and nature.
10.6.2007 4:48pm
Oh, and most VC readers probably know of it, but Arts &Letters Daily is essential internet reading.
10.6.2007 5:00pm
Michael Barclay (mail):
I am shocked, shocked that no one has mentioned Dave Barry's blog yet:
10.6.2007 9:51pm
James Fulford (mail): is part of the Gawker Media Empire, and it's a blog with about a dozen useful ideas every day about making your life easier.
10.6.2007 10:31pm
While you're visiting Wonkette, you might remember that jokes about Filipina whores and ping pong balls in their nether parts would generally be unacceptable, but are really funny when you have a conservative Asian woman to make fun of.
10.6.2007 10:50pm
Boulder Law (mail) (www): - possibly the best podcasts on the web.
10.7.2007 4:19pm
Curt Fischer:
A few days ago, I read after hearing about it on this post.

Now, I checked back only to find "This site has been temporarily disabled. If you are the owner of the site, please contact customer care."

That's too bad! It was a snarky and funny site.
10.7.2007 11:54pm