Still More Cool Non-Law Blogs:

I admit that most of the blogs I visit regularly are law or policy-related. But, like Eugene and David, there are some others I like to check out.

I love movies, so there are a decent number of movie-oriented sites I like to visit. One is the film blog Libertas, "a forum for conservative thought on film," created by my college friend Jason Apuzzo, founder of the Liberty Film Festival. I don't know if Ain't It Cool News actually qualifies as a blog, but it's a site I religiously for links to the latest movie trailers, news, and rumors about movies underway. It publishes lots of junk, but it's also the best place for trailer links, on-the-set video footage, and rumors about certain types of movies.

I suspect most VC readers are familiar with Wonkette, the D.C. political gossip blog. If you find that site fun, you might like some of Gawker Media's other sites. Two I check out (and actually prefer to Wonkette since Ana Marie Cox and David Lat left), are Idolator (music) and Deadspin (sports).

As a Philadelphia native, I would be remiss if I did not mention some Philly team sports blogs. The best Philadelphia Eagles blogs, for instance, are Iggles Blog and Bleeding Green Nation. Hockey season is underway, and I have high hopes for the Flyers, so I'll be visiting Flyers Fan Central regularly too.